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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  September 7, 2016 5:30pm-5:54pm EDT

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more. the hurricane sweeping through the bay area, leaving a costly wake of destruction. flood waters waist deep in port richie ruining her newly renovated front yard. >> it cost $6,000 for this. and it's a mess. how can you rake garbage off of stone. >> reporter: there is $90 million in personal damages county wide. the neighborhoods impacted mean that residents could be eligible for fema relief money. >> i don't have too much faith. they're not doing much. because this has happened time and time again. >> reporter: conditions proving so problematic year after year in bass lake that we have learned atheounty has $4 million to buy properties in the communities. the only way to prevent devastating damage like this
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that area will become a park and a canoe launch and we can get those folks into a safer place where they don't have to worry about the water every year. >> reporter: so here is the deal. the county has identified 162 properties that experience, quote, repetitive loss and severe repetitive loss during flood events in pasco county. those are the locations that they're going to look at first for proper auisition. t i can tell yo of people behind me, already saying theys we did ask the county commissioner today if eminent domain is mething thouat cld be used. she coulnot comment that right now. ryan smith, abc action news. >> thank you, ryan. tonight, tampa electric has issued a warning about a prepaid debit card scam. customers say someone representing the company is calling them demanding payment telling them to buy a prepaid debit card.
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giving the scammers $1,500. they will never call you for your credit card number by the way. now to fort myers tonight where the rain is coming down so hard it looks like boats floating in the harbor here. this is actually a storage lot. the trailer storage is dealing with lot ofdrainage issues. an employee is blaming a nearby road construction project. now the most accurate team in florida, abc action weather. >> how everybody? we're definitely looking at rain across part of the area. all in all if you look at the bigger picture through this evening, i expect most of the rain will be down to our south. so your hour by hour forecast this evening, partly cloudy to clear skies north of i-4. manatee county, sarasota still picking up a few isolated showers. by tomorrow, not as cool as it was this morning. most folks were in the low 70s. we will be back into the mid- 70s. that's a sign of things to come
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couple minutes. >> thank you, denis. deputies are looking for a man who robbed a hotel at gun point. they are hoping that someone will recognize him even though he is wearing a red mask there. he had a silver gun and demanded money from the clerk. he also asked for the man's wallet. if you have any information, you're asked to call crime stoppers. new video of nearly 200 animals seized from polk unco. they are in owners were arrested for animal abuse. deputies are saying they found the animals starving and in horrible conditions. peta and the pig advocates league are working to place the animals in new homes. in the meantime hillsborough county could soon have an animal abuser registry. it would allow adoption agencies to identify previous abusers who now want to adopt. commissioners are set to
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one crash involved this tanker truck. north port police say that all of the lanes are back open but traffic had to be diverted off of interstate 75. there is still no word tonight what caused this series of accidents. new at 5:30, we're finding out about this huge computer outage last month cost the company $150 million. delta canceled about a thousand flights that delta did give passenger refund and travel vouchers. >> if you're looking to change your career and you want perks on your job, your dream job may be waiting for you. power design will pay you and train you all at the same time. as ashley yore explains, their rapid growth could mean there's a spot for you. >> reporter: lunchtime volleyball, a 12,000 square foot gym, sleek couches.
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imagine an electrical contracting company looks like. >> no matter if it's 11:00 in the morning and i had a difficult meeting and i want to blow off steam or hey, let's try to play a game of volleyball, they are encouraged to use this throughout the day. >> reporter: just a few perks of working at power design in st. pete. they provide weeks of job training in house. the company has added 400 jobs so far this year and are to add more in 2017. they say you don't have to have experience to join the team. >> there are soft skills as well as we gain a lot of practices when a employee comes from another industry. >> it is something that he move learned when he moved into the project engineer position. >> i did not want to go back to school. seeing what the training department has on-site i took advantage of it.
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project managing. salaries vary, some around $50,000 and others well into six figures. >> we don't want to have them to look elsewhere. we want to retain our strong talent and develop them. >> reporter: they say happy employees here lead to happy customers. i'm ashley yore, abc action news. >> thank you, ashley. we're committed to getting the hardworking people of tampa bay a good-paying job. for the past few weeks, we ha pinellas education foundation and career source to give you the survey for free. that's exactly what david paris did, the man that you see there. he is a veteran who is making a transfer to civil -- civilian life. >> it brought out the skills that i had already. it enriched those skills and showed me areas where i was strong in. >> kind of taking the guesswork out hiof ng.
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taken the test. but time is now running out. this test will help identify the jobs that are really right for you and the ones in demand right now. head to and click on this logo and you can take the free test. we're going to take you to north dakota. protesters are chaining themselves to graffiti and machinery hoping to stop a construction on a pipeline. take a closer look. this graffiti includes the message water is life. down this pipeline at six separate work sites in the past week. a local tribe there says they oppose the pipeline because it could affect the drinking water. remember this woman here, she is the professor who was fired from the university of missouri after threatening to have journalists removed from campus. well, now she is the subject of
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university. there are negative comments on the university's website page. >> my initial question, one of our first questions was, you know, were you surprised to find a job and this soon and she seemed kind of surprised that i had asked that question. and it was a very quick, well, of course. my qualifications. >> the university released a stat learned from her experiences at mizzou. tonight, some people are asking for the head coach of team usa and the world cup of hockey to be replaced. of the t lightning. john told espn, quote, if any of my players sit on the bench for the national anthem, they will sit for the rest of the game. all of this following the colin kaepernick debate who refuses to stand for the anthem, trying
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in america. say hello to the newest member of the police department. harley, the new therapy dog will assist officers in the special victims unit, where kids are usually brought. >> sometimes we get cases where kids are just shy aney n't want to talk and just another tool that we have to get >> harley is a four-year-old be and stripes college at the brevard county sheriff's office. plus, as lawmakers in washington argue over zika funding tonight, one bay area family, they're revealing to us what exactly is at stake. more people strung out on drugs. the burden that it is putting
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apple fans. ceo tim cook announcing the iphone 7 and a new apple watch.
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a new ra and waterproof design are among the changes. it also removed the traditional ear phone jack. preorders start on friday. they will start shipping the 16th. there's newhope for a new bill to get money to fight the zika virus. this after a bill failed last night. senateemoc military construction and v.a. spending plan. of by blocking funding for plan anile tonight we are hearing from a local family who knows just how much is at stake. >> ryan smith sat down with darrell. darrell was both with microcephaly, the birth defect tied with babies born with
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wa lined from top to bottom of histeartists. darrell has endured a life-long ngers birth fecta expeence>>. it's a matter of life and death. some babies don't make it. the ones that do are gog to have an extremely incomplete brain development. it is commonly found in babies born with the zika virus. >> don't get zika. me you have to li to me. >> reporter: when darrel bornhis mother says the diagnosis meant she didn't know if her son would survive. >> i didn't know if he would be blind, deaf, paralyzed, even if he was going to make it.
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needs all day care. >> my brother cookfor me. do i eastbound know how to cook. >> reporter: his family working to spread awareness with an online campaign to zap zika, hoping that his story will motivate others to take preventative measures to fight the mosquito born disease. >> keep pushing and educate the public and get it out there to please protect yourselves an that microcephaly is a very defect. >> reporter: in st. petersburg, ryan smith, abc action news. >> thank you, ryan. we know you want answers about the issues facing all of us in tampa bay. as part of o our commitment to take action for you, we set up a way for you to let us know what you're wondering about.and look for the go we can get to t bottom of for you. now the most accurate
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>> well, i spent a good part of the day outside today. and i have to say it actually felt pretty nice. >> it did. especially in the morning. we started out around 70. still warmed up to the low 90s. we just did about the story in pasco county. at least the water is receding a little bit. but it takes a long time. hopefully we won't see too much rain over the next few days. pasco north will have lower chances than the people down south where the rains have afternoon. nice to see the cam ing across are showers acrossand rae have a beautiful evening in store weather-wise, no matter what you have planned outdoors. the weather will not be an issue. it will warm up. in the morning, we had upper 60s to low 70s today. now we're back up to 90 degrees. look down south where the rain have fallen. temperatures in the 70s at this
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shower or thunderstormwi do. but the dew points, this is beautiful. you weren't imagining it. when we see dew points in the middle 60s, even low 60s across part of the area, you're in a region for early september that is pretty nice for us, especially when dew points can often be closer to 80 than 70. the higher the dew point, the muggier the air is. today still hit 92. it was a dry heat. remember that. not nearly as humid as it has been the past several we be returnand mostly sunny. the dew point a comfortable 67, kinghe 46%. so we hit 92. weshould be at 90. last year we were only at 84 because last year we had decent rains the entire day. the record, 96 back in the
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hours. the dew point is 76, with a temperature of 86 degrees. satellite picture, yesterday the rains we pretty much down across the extreme southe to th and into the weekend. by the weekend, things will be back to normal. the air that was top of usesterday, it's across pasco, hernando and sumter counties. that is also retr all means is each day right through the weekend, the rain chances might be 5, 10% higher. still in terms of coverage, it won't be that terrible. tonight we will be clear. tomorrow morning you kep to clear skies. not quite as cool or comfortable but still not too bad. and right on through the afternoon, rain chances still only about 30%. and almost all of it will be in the south. same thing on friday.
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little bit more to the north. s eaiday and right into the weekend, the coverage will be a little more to the north. saturday and sunday, everybody has a chance. still only at about 40%. forecast highs, no real changes there. highs about 90, 91, in that ballpark. up top, still in the low 90s. down south, still in the low 90s. now, if you look at the tropics right on through november, 30th, 34% of the tropical systems develop this month. 17% in octobeso we're clearly a even though we have an area circled off of the coast of africa, there's a decent chance it develops but even if it does, the models churn this up into the open waters of the atlantic with no hit to the land. that's good news after hermine locally and across the east coast over the weekend.
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-- uv index tomorrow up to 11. your hour by hour forecast, clear to partly cloudy overnight. we're still around 90. we dropped down to about 75, 76 first thing in the morning. there's a look at florida's most accurate 7-day forecast. rain chances at 30% on thursday. 40% on friday. saturday they bump up a little bito normal by early next week. but the weekend any storms that develop will be after 4:00, 5:00, so you can get your morning plans in without any worries rdenis. a sex offender regisrs but the address he put down was actually a local wal-mart. the one reason why authorities say he didn't do anything wrong. download the new abc action news app for your mobile phone and tablet. just search for abc action news
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>> listen to this next storyseo a wal-mart as his address and all it was was le e ore manager knew nothing about it. he is registered as a transientor homeless person,mi address. and shoppers plan to stay away
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isiah jones is john. jones was convicted of luring kids onli have sex in 2011. officials say he has done nothing wrong and it's up to wal-mart to decide to kick him out. >> i don't feel any remorse for what i did. >> a north colina man bragging about killing his 15- year-old son and severely injuring his ex-wife on social media. police say both victims moved to escape the abuse of man, earl valentine. a restraining order was put in place but expired last month. he was heading to virginia to head more family members. police have not caught him yet. now here is wendy ryan with a look at what is happening at 6:00. >> thanks, laura. a 70-year-old man says he robbed a bank because of his wife. it wasn't out of love. his bizarre reasoning next. >> reporter: a patient at this pinellas park nursing home died
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back then his advocate said it was because he was ft in the sun. we will tell you what the police report says next. the one piece of advice that you can give your kids tonight that could save their lives. one door has closed on their education but will another door open? tonight i have answers on what the next best move for students
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>> live from the station taking action for you, this is abc action news. >> i had my student loan and erytngthey just tell me no we're closed forever. >> they took the money and ran and left students with nowhere to go. now at 6:00, the new hurdle that former itt tech students are limited options for their future. >> but first no inal charges. pinellas park police now clearing a nursing home in the death of a thanks for joining u i'm wendy ryan. >> and i'm jamison uhler. the medical examiner ruling the death an accident. >> but as i-team investigator adam walser found out, one man says that answer is just not good enough. >> reporter: more than four
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died, a report says that it was caused by a heart attack and not by exposure to the heat as initially reported. the advote called out the police department and the medical examiner's office. >> what i would like to see is justice basically. we have an individual who could not defend himself. >> reporter: patient advocate fernando gutierrez says the nursing patient. >> i believe they have had time for months to conclude the report. >> reporter: but police wrapped up their investigation two weeks ago after the medical examiner says that he died from a 90% heart blockage, not sunburn. >> apparently he suffered skin burns. >> reporter: he had evidence of a sun burn but concluded that his poor health made him more susceptible to the sun.


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